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How to get your book published

New York Times bestselling Author, Katherine Center, and IWrite Founder, Melissa Williams Murphy, give their best advice for getting your book published.

HOUSTON — After receiving nearly 150 rejections, Jack Canfield and Mark Hanson finally landed a book deal with a small publisher in Florida. The book, "Chicken Soup For The Soul", is now a series with over 110 million sold. In 1901 Beatrix Potter, the author of the "Peter Rabbit" series was rejected by several publishers, before taking matters into her own hands. She self-published 250 copies. One of her original naysayers changed their minds and took on the series. They say... There's a book in every one of us.  The problem is... How do you get it out?  I-Write Founder Melissa Williams and New York Times Best Selling Author Katherine Center stopped by Great Day Houston with their best advice for publishing your own book. 

Melissa Williams founded iWrite after working with thousands of students during author school visits. As a children's author, she never forgot the feeling of accomplishment after seeing her books in print. Williams wanted kids to be able to experience that feeling at an early age in life... increasing the probability that they would continue to strive for more opportunities in the world of writing and creativity. iWrite offers kids the opportunity to be published authors. Their annual publishing contest is open every year to students around the world in the 3rd-12th grade. Each year, 100 students' short stories and poems get selected for publication in the Anthology entitled: "I Write Short Stories by Kids for Kids". The deadline each year is May 31st. For more information, click here

New York Times Bestselling Author, Katherine Center, began her writing career at an early age – her first story was Duran Duran fan fiction! Center spent a decade struggling to get published before landing a book deal for "The Bright Side of Disaster". Since then, she has gone on to publish 7 novels (with an 8th on the way). For more information on Katherine Center, click here

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