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Advanced Body Scan can help you live a longer, healthier life with one simple scan

Advanced Body Scan founder, Steve Marler, explains how a full body scan can find heart disease, lung cancer and other health problems before they become deadly.

HOUSTON — Could a heart attack be brewing in your body? Or Cancer be creeping in your cells? In most cases, Advanced Body Scan has the technology to detect these diseases before symptoms appear with a five minute scan. 

A Full Body Scan can detect over 500 Cancers, signs of Heart Disease, Calcium Buildup and includes:

• Coronary Artery Disease Screening 

• Pericardium Assessment 

• Heart Size Assessment 

• Heart Valve Calcification 

• Lung Cancer 

• Emphysema 

• Tuberculosis

• Esophagus 

• Hiatal Hernia 

• Thoracic Aortic Aneurysm 

• Thyroid 

• Internal Organ Screening 

• Stomach 

• Liver 

• Pancreas 

• Spleen 

• Gall Bladder 

• Kidneys 

• Adrenal Glands 

• Lymph Nodes 

• Uterus/Ovaries 

• Prostate Assessment

Advanced Body Scan also offers blood tests, which are a beneficial tool to determine what abnormalities and genetic diseases you may be at risk for. Blood tests can determine your risks for cardiovascular disease, certain cancers, check kidney and liver function and detect diabetes.

Advanced Body Scan has a special offer for Great Day Houston Viewers.

If you're one of the first 50 callers you'll receive the Couples Heart and Lung Scan for only $299. Plus, a FREE blood panel screening. 

Just call 833-411-7226 or visit advancedbodyscan.com/gdh.

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