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'I just went into survival mode' | Silsbee woman grateful to be alive after being attacked by snake, hawk

Peggy Jones was mowing the grass when she said a snake fell from above. While the snake was gripping her arm, a hawk swooped down and began to viciously attack her.
Credit: KBMT-TV

SILSBEE, Texas — A Silsbee woman says she's now keeping a vigilant eye on the sky after being brutally attacked by both a snake and a hawk. 

Peggy Jones was mowing the grass on her property late July when a snake fell from the sky.

While the snake was gripping her arm, a hawk swooped down and began viciously attacking her. 

"It was scary, and very traumatic. I think I just went into survival mode," Jones said. 

Jones says the snake wrapped itself around her as she desperately slung her arm. 

"As this is going on there is a hawk coming down, trying to get him, the snake is striking me in my eye, striking my face," she said. 

The snake coiled around her arm tightly, leaving her bruised.

This became a full-on battle with Jones, the snake and the hawk trying to retrieve its lunch. 

"About the fourth time, the hawk got the snake and carried it away. I looked down and I was covered in blood and I was heading up to the house," Jones said. 

Jones' husband rushed her to the emergency room and doctors confirm the snake didn't bite her.

They did find punctures on her arm and severe bruising. 

Even though some time has passed, Jones still has open wounds. 

While she is still recovering, Jones says she is extremely thankful for the community support she's received since sharing her story. 

"I would like to thank everyone. I haven't gotten to comment back on all of them it just got overwhelming, but I want to thank everyone for all the prayers it's been an overwhelming experience. I am just thankful I am alive," she said. 

Although a very traumatizing experience for Jones, she sees this incident as a blessing that she was able to live another day.  

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