HOUSTON- On the streets of Houston, walls have become canvases where graffiti artists bring their stories to life.

Those murals have now become a favorite backdrop for pretty much anyone with a camera.

That’s why Houston blogger Carrie Colbert put together a comprehensive list of Houston’s street art on her website, “Wear + Where + Well”.

More than 30 murals are plotted out on an online, interactive map.

The “Wall Wanderings Wall Guide” also includes information about parking, safety, and the best time of day to snap the perfect picture.

“We’re so lucky here in Houston to have so much great public art. We wanted to help make that more accessible and easier to find for the public to enjoy,” said Carrie Colbert of WearWhereWell.com

Several of Houston’s most famous murals were done by graffiti artist “GONZO247”. He has been working to draw more visitors to murals for years.

“It brings life to what was once kind of stale, dead, boring, and mono," said GONZO. "You know, you can bring a lot of life not only to the wall, but to the building, the neighborhood, and the community."

For the second year, GONZO is organizing the “HUE Mural Festival” in Houston. The free event will be held Oct. 15-22, 2016.

For more information about the Houston Mural Guide, click here: