HOUSTON — What a beautiful weather week we have seen the past seven days. High temperatures in the mid 70s with partly cloudy skies and low humidity - ohhhh it's just been absolutely beautiful!

We have one more day (today) of pleasant conditions. Even though there is a 20 percent chance for a few showers, it won't be that bad, and 70s are still expected. Enjoy today outside if you can. 

Friday Planner

With the warm weather and breezy southeast winds we aren't expecting a break with our pollen either. Tree pollen is at extreme levels, grass is heavy, ragweed is now up, and with all the additional moisture in the atmosphere across southeast Texas, I bet our mold spores will even pick up. Just crazy!

Extreme pollen

The pollen is so bad right now but I am expecting that to change. We have a strong enough cold front that will be pushing through Saturday night to change this up! If you haven't seen the seven day forecasts check this out...

7 day