Sooooo, with everyone telling me the past week how they just looooove all of this sunshine and 70 degree weather I wanted to see if this is what we should be seeing this time of year - and well - it is! 

We are checking in exactly where we should be for the end of March and almost the beginning of April. Spring has SPRUNG and it sure is ahhhhh-mazing! 

The truth is temperatures are right on track for where they should be for this time of the year and so is the pollen. It is just a little more extreme than normal. If you are out and about the today and tomorrow and the tree pollen or grass pollen is what irritates you... make sure you take something for the allergies!

Average Temps

The cold front that will move in Sunday night will be powerful enough to help knock out a lot of this pollen. That is the good news. The bad news is a cold front means significant changes in our picture perfect weather. Saturday the showers begin in the afternoon but some of the downpours on Sunday will be heavy. 

weekend rain chances

The rain that we will see is all coming out of the Pacific Northwest.

system from the west coast

Otherwise, today will be gorgeous. Starting nice and cool with high temperatures around 76 degrees. Partly cloudy skies and dry. Enjoy enjoy- you know the changes are right around the corner. 

day part