For the first time in a long time, we are seeing snow around Greater Houston.

And if you’re worried about an icy commute, as a precaution, drive extra slow on bridges or overpasses. Ice forms more quickly here because cold air surrounds them from above and below, which means they lose heat quickly. Roads on the other hand hold heat coming from the ground.

Forecast: Snowflakes possible in the Houston area overnight

Luckily, Meteorologist Brooks Garners says it’s unlikely we’ll see any ice overnight Thursday.

“Typically, you need the road surfaces to be below 32 degrees,” Garner explained, “and for that to happen, it has to be cold, like, usually in the 20s, for a long period of time.”

Temperatures that low are not currently forecasted.

A reminder to anyone who plans to warm up their car before hitting the roads: do not leave a vehicle running in a garage or any other enclosed space as doing so could cause carbon monoxide poisoning. Even with the garage door open, it only takes a few minutes to cause a deadly situation.

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