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Pipes | How to avoid a serious issue in freezing weather

If you don't maintain the pipes inside and outside your home properly, you could have a serious issue on your hands with the freezing weather.

WACO, Texas — Frozen pipes can cause you a serious headache if you do not care for them properly with the frozen temperatures that will hang around into next week. 

A frozen pipe that bursts can cause you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in damage, according to Cody Ryberg, master plumber and owner of Ryberg Plumbing. 

If you live in a house it is important that any and all exterior pipes are covered. These pipes can simply get too cold and burst from the temperature alone. 

“Any exposed piping for that matter, they need to be covered," Ryberg said. "Whether that's a faucet cover, an old towel, a t-shirt, it needs to be covered. Anything that is sticking out the walls that can be seen needs to be covered, so cover everything.”

The other important things to remember include:

  • Turn your faucet to have a constant drip 
  • Keep your heat at 55 degrees or warmer
  • Open cabinet doors
  • Close foundation vents
  • Close doors and windows 

If you do have a pipe that bursts, it is important to immediately shut off the main water valve to the pipe to stop the flow. Then call a professional immediately.

Ryberg said he and his team are available around the clock, with a technician on call. You can reach Ryberg Plumbing at 254-366-0441. 

Remember, frozen temperatures are anything under 34 degrees Fahrenheit. According to the forecast, these temps will last into next week. 

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