If you're lucky enough to have tickets to the World Series games at Minute Maid Park this weekend, remember it's not July! It'll be really chilly! The roof is closed, but there's no heat. Temperatures will be 40° to 50° colder in Houston, than they were in LA.

It's the coldest of the season and it'll be rushing into town faster than Jose Altuve can swing for the fences or Cameron Maybin can steal 2nd. A closed roof will eliminate wind as a factor, but it will not cut the cold. Instead of 72°, expect more like 65°... Why doesn't Minute Maid have heat? Houston Baseball games played in cold seasons are extremely rare. Even this time of year, the average high is close to 80°. This weird winter preview is not typical.

Body heat will keep it a bit warmer inside. While outside temps will slip into the upper 40s, the cheering masses should help to collectively bump it up at least 10°. Still though, sitting in a slightly chilly room for even a few hours can make you shiver. (Another reason to get up and cheer!)

Just treat it like a cold movie theater and be sure to wear and extra layer. If you're heading to a night spot to watch the game, do remember to wear a light jacket. Otherwise, that cold, winter wind will be whipping between the buildings making you hate life, while you wait for a ride home.

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Meteorologist Brooks Garner, KHOU 11 News. (2017)
Meteorologist Brooks Garner, KHOU 11 News. (2017)