MATAGORDA COUNTY, Texas – A spokesman for Matagorda County says residents will not be allowed to return home for an extended time due to a power transmission issue.

County officials say road blocks are being set up and only those who work at the chemical plant will be allowed back in.

An exact timeline on how long it will take to restore power in the county has not been determined, but county officials say it could be until late next week before people are allowed back in.

Statement released by County Judge Shelby Storts:

"Matagorda County is still under a Mandatory Evacuation until further notice that could extend into late next week. You are not allowed to return to Matagorda County at this time. We are still experiencing large amounts of rain, tornadic winds, and localized flooding. Additionally, continued power outages throughout the County and we cannot guarantee restoration of services in a timely manner. Power outages are limiting water and sewer services county-wide. Other public services, such as EMS, are not guaranteed to be available. Both hospitals are closed and surrounding hospitals are being affected by the same hurricane event. We understand that people are posting on Facebook and social media that it's ok here in Matagorda County but that it inaccurate. We continue to encourage residents who sheltered in place to evacuate. Road blocks are going up to prevent access to the County and affected areas. Please contact the Emergency Operations Center Public Information line at (979) 318-7206 for updates."

On Friday a mandatory evacuation was ordered for all of the county, home to about 37,000 people.

There are an estimated 200,000 customers without power from Matagorda down to the Corpus Christi area. In Houston, CenterPoint reported there were more than 50,000 customers without electricity early Saturday.

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