LA MARQUE, Texas – Carolyn Chatman of La Marque helps people for a living.

But the pediatric nurse has been the one in need since Hurricane Harvey.

“It’s just been a struggle and frustration and all that,” said Chatman.

Chatman waded through chest-deep water when Harvey hit, along with her husband, Michael, and 82 year-old mother.

“I got about half way down the road and said turn me loose,” said Betty Little. “Let me go, just let me go down.”

The family survived the flood, but they aren’t so sure about the recovery.

“I come in here sometimes and bawl like a baby man,” said Michael Chatman.

There’s a new roof and windows on the Chatman home.

But walls remain stripped to the studs inside.

The family told us FEMA brought in a team to do some repairs.

But part of the ceiling recently collapsed.

“And they said they would kind of help make our home livable for us to come back home, live in our home and function,” said Carolyn Chatman. “But that has not been the case.”

This family of faith says their will has definitely been tested.

“There’s come a time when I felt like giving up,” said Michael Chatman.

But they believe humanity can overcome Harvey, eventually.

“We just hope that something or someone can come along and help us,” said Carolyn Chatman.

KHOU 11 News checked with FEMA concerning the repairs at the Chatman home.

So far, we have yet to hear back.

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