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Ian downgrades to post-tropical cyclone

The National Hurricane Center said just because Ian has become a post-tropical cyclone, the danger is not over.

HOUSTON — Almost two hours after making landfall in South Carolina Friday, Ian downgraded to a post-tropical cyclone, according to the National Hurricane Center.

As of Saturday's 4 a.m. update, Ian's winds were at 35 mph and it was moving toward the north-northwest near 12 mph.

Ian made landfall as a Category 1 hurricane near Georgetown, South Carolina at 2:05 p.m. It was its third landfall overall, the second in the U.S. 

Post-tropical cyclone Ian is on track to move farther inland across central North Carolina and Virginia. It could weaken through Saturday and dissipate by early Sunday. 

NHC said just because Ian has become a post-tropical cyclone, the danger is not over. Dangerous storm surge, flash flooding and high winds are still in the forecast from this cyclone. 

Ian's second landfall was near Caya Costa, Florida Wednesday as a Category 4 hurricane. Ian spent 21 hours Wednesday battering Florida before reentering the Atlantic ocean.

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Fortunately, last week's well-timed cold front kept the storm comfortably far away from Southeast Texas. Stay with KHOU 11 for the latest information over the coming days.

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Hurricane Ian live tracker

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Post-Tropical Cyclone Ian forecast key messages

Below is the forecast discussion, verbatim from the National Hurricane Center.

  1. Gusty winds are expected through early Saturday over portions of South Carolina and North Carolina.
  2. Ongoing major to record river flooding will continue through next week across portions of central Florida. Considerable flooding is possible across portions of the Carolinas and southeast Virginia.  Locally considerable flooding is possible across portions of northwest North Carolina and southern Virginia tonight into early Saturday.

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