Hundreds of people who had nowhere else to go but local shelters are now being taken to San Antonio.

Evacuees tell us they are being bussed out because of concerns about Neches River water levels near the Beaumont Civic Center.

Three hundred evacuees who were staying here in the civic center and the remaining evacuees from the Montage Center are headed for the "Alamo City."

It was the evacuees who told 12News they were headed there.

Police would only say they were moving the evacuees so they would have better conditions to a city that does not lie so close to the coast.

Some of the hundreds of people staying at the civic center have no homes to return to.

"They're fixing to bus us to San Antonio, and our house is underwater, we can't even go back right now," Natasha Hammond, of Port Arthur, who has been at the civic center shelter for the past two days and recalls the nightmare that she was relieved to escape in her home town.

"I've never seen it as bad as it was, it just looks like rivers and lakes now, I mean we can't even tell where we used to live anymore and I'm just devastated, really heart broken."

The broken hearts can begin to heal as they are being sent to a place with better conditions than what they can offered for now at the civic center.

Kenneth Marcum, an evacuee from Houston, who was rescued from his truck, says he's relieved to get the help from men and women in uniform.

"Everything about these guys, the soldiers, priests and everyone, they're all good people," he said.

Despite being away from home for four days Marcum is also happy that he's okay and is hoping to be reunited with friends and family.

"I look at it this way, just like why I have cancer and I'm a diabetic, God's looking out after me on everything. And if he decided that's what he wanted, there has to be a reason for it," Marcum said.

The evacuees boarding the bus said they're not sure how long they will be in San Antonio.