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Hurricane Katrina survivor shows Ida damage in French Quarter

A Katrina survivor stayed in the French Quarter as Hurricane Ida battered NOLA and a Chicago tourist was forced to ride out the storm after all flights cancelled.

NEW ORLEANS — From the moment Ida made landfall Louisiana and the world couldn’t stop watching.

 A woman shared cell phone video from her balcony in Venetia Isle showing storm surge submerging a truck. 

 In the city wind was wreaking havoc. Trees limbs were littering streets and falling on top of cars.

 “Louisiana has had it’s fair share of storms and I was here for Katrina 16 years ago so this brings back a lot of memories,” said Jade Cooper who lives in the French Quarter.

 Ida creating new memories, but to a different degree as Category 4 Hurricane. 

 “French Quarter has been here for 300 years so it looks like it’s going to survive the hurricane,” said Cooper.

 Wind speeds reached over 100 mph causing debris on Canal St. to go airborne.

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Marla Buss caught a metal sheet from a billboard being blown away on camera.

 “I didn’t want to be decapitated,” said Buss.

 Buss is on vacation from Chicago and tried cutting it short.

 “We couldn’t find any flights that were available,” said Buss. “Everything was gone. We tried to look for Amtrak, busses. None were available at all so we just decided to hunker down.”

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