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Family safe after tree falls on Kashmere Gardens home during Hurricane Nicholas

The father says the tree almost went through his daughter's bedroom window.

HOUSTON — Nicholas knocked out power and knocked down trees in parts of northeast Houston including in the Kashmere Gardens neighborhood.

The storm damage is making it harder to get around.

Calvacade is one of the main streets through this neighborhood. Its westbound lanes just west of Lockwood are blocked by a giant tree.

People in this neighborhood have been through a lot with Harvey, and for some, more recent tragedies.

Franzen McKeever’s been through hurricanes before.

“The flooded part, not the tree falling part.”

A tree on his roof used to be next door until about 4:30 a.m.

“I was looking at the time, turned my head back over to go to sleep, and then I just heard a loud noise, like a loud thump,” McKeever, whose home was damaged, said.

A branch almost went through his daughter’s bedroom window.

“One of our trees fell into their yard, and the next-door neighbor’s tree fell into our yard,” McKeever said. “It was just a mess all around.”

Unfortunate, McKeever told KHOU 11 News but far from the worst thing that could happen or has happened.

“This past month has been horrible. I just lost my son. My 2-month-old son in August 9 so, right now this… a small branch on a big tree, as far as I’m concerned,” he said.

It’s a challenge McKeever’s taking one branch at a time, grateful for what’s still here and who’s still safe.

“This…is just a house.”

McKeever told KHOU 11 News his wife and three daughters are all doing great.

He says he’ll patch up the roof tonight, then his landlord will come by tomorrow to handle the rest of the repair.