HOUSTON — The death toll from Harvey has risen to at least 60, with 30 of those deaths happening in Harris County.

Family members and authorities have reported the deaths, although the bodies of some victims apparently swept away in the floodwaters have not been found.

Many of those deaths were people drowning in flash floods or water-logged roads. But county emergency management departments across southeast Texas tell The Associated Press they are including people in their storm-related death totals who died from indirect complications of Harvey.

Here is more information on the tragic deaths that have been announced:


The Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office confirmed Wednesday there were two drownings on Pool Hill Road near the town of Simonton. Deputies say the victims drove into high water.

WATCH: Couple found dead on Pool Hill Road


The victim:

- Ronald Zaring, age unknown, was evacuated from the Friendswood Health Center on Aug. 27. He was cared for at Friendswood High School and was being transported by a strike team to Huntsville on Aug. 29 when he died.


The Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences has the number of storm-related deaths to 30.

The victims:

- Alexander Kwoksum Sung, 64, who was found in a workplace on College Avenue.

- Batool Qasem, 76, Found floating in flood water near a vehicle

- Travis Lynn Callihan, 45, who died after getting out of his vehicle and falling into flood waters.

- Agnes Stanley, 89, who was found floating in 4 feet of floodwater in a home.

- Sgt. Steve Perez, 60, who drowned while trying to drive into work.

- Benito Cavazos Juarez, 42, Found face down in parking lot after flood waters receded

- Calvin Oran Montalbano, 54, Found in a grassy area near the East Tx Freeway

- Andrew Pasek, 25, who, according to witnesses, stepped on a live electrical wire in flood waters.

- Jorge Raul Perez, 33, who was found floating in floodwater on Texaco Road.

- Yahir Rubio-Vizuet, 45, who was found floating in floodwater on Texaco Road.

- Colby Henry Osorno, 25, who was found in Greens Bayou near the Ship Channel

- Victor Manuel Acevedo, 67, who was found in alleyway after floodwaters receded

- Ruben Jordan, 58, was recovered by boat on W. Bay Area Boulevard

- Belia Rojas Saldivar, 81, Found in van off the roadway in high water

- Manuel Q Saldivar, 84, Found in van off the roadway in high water

- Xavier Adam Saldivar, 8, Found in van off the roadway in high water

- Daisy Saldivar, 6, Found in van off the roadway in high water

- Devorah Saldivar, 16, Found in van off the roadway in high water

- Dominic Saldivar, 14, Found in van off the roadway in high water

- Wilma Ratcliff Ellis, 73, Found floating during Coast Guard search and rescue operation

- Ruben Clifford Jordan, 58, Found floating in tree in flood waters

- Martin Salazar, 49, Found in ditch after evacuating his residence

- Michael Tucker, 66, Found floating in 4 feet of water after leaving residence

- Keisha Monique Williams, 32, Found lying across a fence after floodwaters receded

- Gustavo Hernandez Rodriguez, 40, Found on the banks of Greens Bayou

- Efrain Angel, 26, Found in a drainage ditch near Harris County Katy Park

- Tomas Carreon-Esquivel, 25, Found floating in Cypress Creek flood water

Three more victims have yet to be identified. The Medical Examiner's office says two of the bodies were found in Houston and the cause of death for both was drowning.

The office is investigating one additional death to decide whether it was caused by Hurricane Harvey.

A 34-year veteran of the Houston Police Department drowned in the flood cause by Harvey, police said Tuesday afternoon. Authorities say Sgt. Steve Perez left his home at 4 a.m. Sunday during heavy rain. Officials said he spent more than two hours trying to get to his command post in the the downtown area, but could not find a path. As was protocol, he informed his chain of command and tried to get to the closest command post in Kingwood, but got caught in flood waters under an overpass near the Hardy Toll Road and Beltway 8.

A family of six is drowned in a white van Sunday afternoon while trying to escape the floods of Hurricane Harvey, relatives tell KHOU 11 News. It is thus far the single deadliest incident resulting from the storm. It happened while crossing a bridge on Green River Road in Greens Bayou.

On Saturday, a spokesman for the Houston emergency operations center said a woman appeared to have gotten out of her vehicle in high water on Werrington near S. Gaston in southwest Houston. She was found by neighbors about 30 yards away from her vehicle. Norman says she was pronounced dead at the scene by a doctor who was in the area, according to the Associated Press.


Montgomery County sheriff's Capt. Bryan Carlisle said Wednesday that 33-year-old Joshua Feuerstein of Conroe died when he disregarded a barricade and drove his pickup into standing water Monday. Carlisle says witnesses saw the pickup's reverse lights illuminate, indicating that Feuerstein was attempting to back out of the water. But the pickup was carried into deeper water. The witnesses swam to help, but Carlisle says he was already dead.

Separately, an unidentified man died as he tried to swim across a flooded roadway Monday. Carlisle says people nearby saw the man sink under the fast-moving water. His body was found a day later in the same area.

The sheriff’s office confirmed Monday afternoon a 60-year-old woman was killed when a tree fell on her home as she slept. The incident happened in the 17400 block of Louis Lane in Porter. The victim's husband told authorities he went to get help after the tree crashed into the home because he could not get to her. When authorities got into the home, they found the woman was already dead.

A man between the ages of 60 and 70 reportedly drowned around 11:30 p.m. Monday night. Montgomery County officials said the man was seen trying to swim across the flood waters located at Spring Park Ridge and SH 99. Witnesses tried to help the man after he went into distress. They were however unsuccessful.


Outside of Houston, the first death from Harvey was confirmed in a coastal community in Aransas County. That person died in a fire at a home during the hurricane. Harvey made landfall in Texas on Friday night as a Category 4 hurricane, but it has since been downgraded to a tropical storm as it weakens while inland.

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