HOUSTON — An elderly Harvey victim who lives in northeast Houston will be forced to move back into his damaged home at the end of the month. His temporary housing runs out in three days.

Johnny Hicks, 77, lived in the mold-covered house for 17 months after Harvey before finally moving to temporary housing. Now, he has to move back. 

We learned about Mr. Hicks from Stephanie Castro with DryMore Mold Removal. 

A non-profit hired the small company, but Castro said they discovered a lot of repairs that needed to be made before the mold could be removed. 

But they didn't want to leave him in the lurch.

"Well, along with the other ladies in the office, it just didn’t sit well in our hearts to not know how, where he was going to end up," Castro said.

Without insurance or FEMA help, Castro turned to KHOU 11. Now we're hoping some big-hearted contractors will step up to help Mr. Hicks. 

"We do have employees that would be more than willing to help with the labor to get this gentleman back in his home and not see him end up homeless," Stephanie said.

DryMore will also help cover the cost of storing Mr. Hicks' belongings until the work is completed.

If you are able to help Mr. Hicks email reporter Melissa Correa at MCorrea@khou.com.

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