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Thanksgiving weather: Lots of rain on the way to Houston, but there is some hope for Thursday

We have a lot of rain in the 7-day forecast, but there is some good news for us across Southeast Texas.

HOUSTON — This holiday season will be unlike any other in recent history with the world grappling with a pandemic and COVID-19 cases spiking in many parts of the United States, including Texas.

A coronavirus vaccine is on the way, and Texas will be among the first states to get it, but it's not quite here yet — certainly not in time for the 2020 holiday season.

The safer way to celebrate the holidays

Doctors, epidemiologists, scientists and politicians have all advised that people should not put grandma at risk and stay home for this holiday season. But for those who do choose to gather, they have been given a lot of advice about staying safe and healthy, including:

  • If you must stay indoors, open as many windows as possible
  • Otherwise, all celebrations, gatherings and eating should take place outside
  • Wear masks and stay six feet apart
  • If attending a gathering, only eat your Thanksgiving meal with people within your household at a safe distance from others - after that, put your mask back on before joining others to socialize

To properly heed some of this advice, the weather must be nice. As opposed to our northern neighbors, the generally-mild Texas fall and winter climate is in our favor.

So what is Houston's Thanksgiving weather looking like for 2020?

KHOU 11 Meteorologist Chita Craft says we are in the middle of a series of cool fronts and showers, with moderate to heavy showers expected the first half of the weekend. This is much-needed rain because parts of our area are getting into drought-like conditions.

The good news is on Thursday, Thanksgiving Day, there will be a break in the rain. The afternoon won't be "perfect" as our temps will still climb into the upper-70s with humidity expected, but at least it won't be rainy or freezing cold.

Looking at the 7-day below, you will see all that rain we have been talking about:

Chita says we shouldn't worry about flooding, although showers Friday and Saturday could be heavy. As long as it is spread out enough, we shouldn't have to worry about high water except perhaps isolated spots of street flooding in the usual problematic areas.

Next week, it's looking much cooler across Southeast Texas with temps easily in the 40s and 50s — maybe even the upper-30s in the overnight hours. Just north of Houston we could see our first freezing temps of the season: