I mean- walking outside this morning I had to remind myself I was still in Houston! Bring it H-town... bring it! There is something magical that happens this time of year. Everyone seems to smile a little bigger and little more often. Sunshine, low humidity and 80's for highs- YES PLEASE!

DAY PART_1539263412588.JPG.jpg

We have a series of fronts on the way so not only will we stay about the same but we get another shot of reinforcing cold air for next week. Yes, that is right- typically I'm talking about how short lived this weather will be- but not this time! I am saying enjoy today and it's only going to get better... if you like the chill.


Low 80's today- but did your eyes look at Monday?? High temps in the 60's!~ Now that will be a change... some of you going to welcome with open arms... some of you saying no thank you! Either way Fall has arrived and I plan to take full advantage of it!