So yeaaaa... get ready to break out the long sleeves, jackets, uggs, scarves... I don't know... anything you have to get yourself warm because it is going to get cold! Ok I guess the disclaimer should be southeast Texas cold. But still, we are talking about the coldest temperatures we've seen since April! So it is exciting to see!

Monday will be the transitional day for the "big chill" on Tuesday. Temperatures should fall throughout the day Monday behind the cold front. We will probably reach our high temps in the morning.


Before we get that front on Monday- we will warm with temperatures in the mid 80's this weekend. Humidity increasing so a rain chance and heat index temperatures will be a factor by Saturday and Sunday afternoon. In true Houston fashion., we can't stick to one season. We have to tap in to many of them all at once.


And in the process of the cool-down and warm-up we've seen an increase in the pollen. Ragweed can be a big irritant! Good luck out there!