HOUSTON — KHOU 11 Meteorologist Blake Mathews says we hit double digit temperatures Sunday for the first time this summer season.

By noon, temps were already be in the low-90s. By 4:07 p.m., it was 100 degrees in Houston.

The heat index will be 108 today so please make sure you are practicing your hot weather precautions. Drink plenty of water, stay indoors as much as possible and don't forget to triple check those backseats.

The city of Houston opened five cooling centers Sunday afternoon.

We are under a significant hot spell due to a high pressure system that is sitting on top of us. Triple digit temps are expected through Tuesday.

The high pressure system is expected to move Tuesday to make room for a tropical disturbance. The disturbance could bring a slight chance of rain headed into the middle of next week.

Although there's rain in the forecast, temps will remain in the upper-90s for the foreseeable future.