HOUSTON – This week marks the six-month anniversary of Hurricane Harvey hitting Houston, but the storms devastation is still being felt.

Many homeowners are forced to decide between renovating, or letting go of their homes completely, by demolishing them.

Demo crews have been out in the Bellaire and Meyerland area for months, knocking down Harvey damaged homes.

It’s becoming an all too familiar scene, older homes being torn down, as their owners come to terms with life post-Harvey.

“It’s horrible having to tear down these houses that were built so well, and were just great homes, but when they’re damaged like this, there’s really not much else you can do,” said George Durham, who chose to demolish his house of 15 years.

Demolishing is an option lots of folks in this Bellaire neighborhood are opting for, including Durham, whose home like many, flooded during Harvey.

But despite watching years of memories crumble away, he’s taking it in stride.

“We’re fortunate in the fact that we had insurance, nobody got hurt, and it’s an excuse to build a new house for my wife,” said Durham.

Just a few miles away in Meyerland, Krysten Crawford is dealing with her own reality of life after Harvey.

“So, this is our little space, which we had 8 people up here during Harvey,” Crawford said.

Crawford’s family moved into their upstairs garage apartment to escape the rising floodwaters.

“At first, I don’t think I absorbed it,” she said.

Now this quaint space is their temporary home, but rebuilding won’t be so easy.

Crawford says a few weeks back, she received a letter from the city, stating because more than 50 percent of her home was damaged, she must either demo or raise the house, before fixing it.

An option this mother says she isn’t too keen about.

“It’s shocking to get that and have a decision made for you,” she said.

And while dozens of homeowners are now having to make tough decisions yet again, choosing either to lift or tear down their homes, they say they’re hoping it will ensure the next time a flood of Harvey’s magnitude comes along, their homes will be safe.