HOUSTON — A program to reimburse homeowners for eligible repair expenses from Hurricane Harvey is launching later this year, the city of Houston announced Friday.

It's one of five programs the city is launching to help with home repairs. Officials said guidelines outlining the specifics of the program are being developed.

Mayra Bontemps, Housing and Community Development Department’s Assistant Director for Disaster Recovery is advising homeowners to save receipts, sign contracts for any work completed on their homes, take before and after pictures, build to code, and familiarize themselves with the kinds of expenses that are eligible for reimbursement.

Luxury finishes like marble countertops, pools and hot tubs will not be included in the reimbursement program.

The programs that launch later this year will be the first in more than $1 billion for housing recovery programming from Hurricane Harvey.

Earlier this year, the community development department held 18 public meetings and conducted an online survey about Houstonians’ priorities for housing recovery.

More than 800 people attended an in-person meeting, and an additional 700-plus participated in the online survey.

“Houston is a resilient city. Many Houstonians have been working hard to rebuild their homes,” said Housing and Community Development Director Tom McCasland. “Help is on the way to assist homeowners with the cost of repairs.”