HOUSTON — One hundred percent, Capt. Larry Baimbridge and his assistant chief-of-a-wife Wendy are the Houston Police Officers you want to know!

They are so funny, so motivating and so honest about what it was like to search and rescue and reorganize the fourth-largest US city during historic flooding sparked by Hurricane Harvey.

From blowing up an interstate, to rebuilding their own home while working around the clock -- in this special series of Conversations With Correa we look back on what life was like during that unforgettable hurricane.

Whether you're from Houston and waded flood waters with the rest of us, or watched the devastation unfold from afar, I truly hope you find this episode: cathartic, motivating, surprising and relatable.

Together we hurt. Together we heal. Together we stand. #HoustonStrong.

Conversations With Correa: Two Houston Police Officers, One Flooded Home & Harvey