LA PORTE, Texas – The La Porte family of Army veterans, still living in an RV with their kids more than a year after Harvey flooded their home, received some great news on Friday: they will be back in their home in time for Christmas.

The Fief family was featured as one of KHOU’s Forgotten Harvey families in the beginning of October. Shortly after the story aired, various members and of the community stepped up to volunteer their work

and materials.

Terry Robinson, owner of Construction & Design, Inc., spearheaded the renovations.

“I'm here because I saw your story, and it touched my heart,” Robinson said. “Two Army veterans with two small children living in an RV, how can they be forgotten? They served our country. We have to help them.”

On Friday, the Fief family returned from a vacation and were welcomed back to a completed home.

“Oh, wow! This is awesome!” Jessica Fief cried as she walked in to her renovated home for the first time.

“This is a miracle,” Brad Fief said.

“It’s overwhelming how much love that we’ve gotten from people in the community,” Jessica Fief said. “I had given up...really.”

“The last couple weeks, we’ve been really busy,” admits Robinson, who had a tree and presents set up in the living room for the family. “We had to pull some extra crews in to help, but we just thought, ‘We are so close, let’s just do this! Let’s get this done and have this family home for Christmas.’”

The home has been completely gutted and remodeled. There are new floors, new walls, new electric and duct work, new counters, cabinets and appliances.

“I’m just so speechless of the work that’s been done and everybody that’s donated everything to us. It’s amazing,” Brad Fief said.

“I mean, I don’t think you guys have any idea...I’m so happy. I’m so happy,” Jessica Fief said. “I definitely do not feel forgotten.”

On Saturday and Sunday, the family will be treated to new furniture. They plan to be all moved in my Christmas Eve.

This Christmas miracle would not have been possible without the following:

  • Terri Robinson, Construction and Design, Inc.
  • Nick Blanch, superintendent, Construction and Design Inc.
  • Meghan Basile, office manager, Construction and Design, Inc.
  • Jason Saville, Saville Electric
  • Mario Topete, Tower Plumbing
  • Rod Kelley and Dennis Davis who supplied the cabinets and countertops
  • Ferguson’s- for supplying plumbing fixtures, and appliances
  • Daniel Torres, who provided labor
  • Grogan’s Doors, for providing all interior doors
  • Marquina Paint, for painting all interiors
  • Detering Company, for providing trim materials