KINGWOOD, Texas – Harvey’s aftermath still being felt.

As communities and businesses continue to pick back up the pieces, hoping to rebuild, including in Kingwood.

One business owner in that community, who despite his personal setbacks, is stepping up to help his community in a big way.

Ross Davis’ business was under more than five feet of water like much of the rest of the town center.

But instead of feeling sorry for himself, Davis instead decided to give back, even using Facebook to rally support.

It’s an unexpected role, but it’s one he is rolling with.

“I’m just the guy in the green shirt handing out water and food,” Davis said.

Davis owns a computer repair shop at town center, but after Harvey hit things changed.

“Somehow, i went from a Kingwood PC Repair Shop to a food bank distributor,” he said.

Davis’s shop, along with dozens more, were destroyed by floodwaters. But despite personal setbacks – he opened his doors.

“This is no longer my shop, this is the community’s shop,” he said.

Davis turned his store into a temporary food bank.

“To be able to hand people food and water, to lift their spirits up, because they’re the ones that are really doing the work, their the real heroes of building town center,” Davis said. “I’m just here to keep their spirits, their efforts going, whatever little way i can.”

His efforts are inspiring others to step up and volunteer, including 24-year-old Rachael Smith.

“There’s this guy who took his time, when he didn’t even have to, and his building is completely damaged,” she said.

Repairs are being made, but for this 44-year-old – bouncing back isn’t going to be easy.

Like so many, he doesn’t have flood insurance.

“Almost none of the businesses here had flood insurance, so we’re bleeding money every day,” Davis said.

But for now, he’s focused on a bigger task.

“This has been an absolute blessing in disguise, that I’ve almost forgotten there’s been a flood, because every day I see people helping each other, and this community is forever re-defined and changed.”

Some good news – one of ross’s customers saw what he’s been doing got inspired herself – and is lending out a space to him for free in Humble so he can get his business back up and running again.

If you'd like to donate or help support Davis' temporary food bank, just stop by his store, Kingwood PC Repair at the Kingwood Town Center.