Angelica Grisafe wanted to do what she could to help after Harvey, so she headed to a flooded neighborhood to volunteer to wash clothes soaked by the floodwaters.

She found a young woman who said the only clothing she had saved was her wedding dress.

It was covered in muck and mud and the woman thought it was ruined. But Angelica convinced her to let her take it and see what she could do.

After having the dress cleaned, Angelica went back to a neighborhood center to drop off some supplies. She peeked in the tent where flood survivors were being fed and spotted the owner of the wedding dress.

"We looked at each other and froze for a second," Angelica said. "We both smiled and I showed her pictures of her dress. She teared up, hugged me and couldn't thank me enough.

"She said 'God is good' then I teared up."

The good-as-new wedding dress is now back in its owners hands.

"Our Lord's light shines in the darkest times. God is good!" Angelica said.