HOUSTON – Usually, we write stories about people in our community. This time, a disabled 71-year-old Navy veteran separated from the one possession he needs most by Hurricane Harvey tells his own story in a video diary:

My name is Patrick Brady and this is the diary of my Harvey damage. I bought (my house) in (19)76, my wife and I. It never flooded. Now (after Harvey) it’s a brick shell. Obviously, (there’s) a lot of work to do and I’m not really capable of doing any of it myself. Age takes its toll.

The biggest struggle is the death of my wife (in 2012). She had multiple myeloma. As the oncologist explained it you might live the rest of your life and never have anything done (and) never need chemotherapy. Her strength those five years fighting, she was probably stronger than I was.

She loved this house. This was her sewing room. She liked to sew. She liked to embroider. So, (there are) a lot of memories in here. 36 years and we thoroughly enjoyed it. You know I see her. I feel her. This house is important. I’d kind of like to stay here until I die.

(After KHOU 11 News aired a story about my situation,) nothing (changed) other than I’ve got some people I’m talking to (but) nothing really tangible. No sheetrock put up. No ceilings put up. No appliances or anything. It’s just a matter of doing the paperwork and then contacting someone who can do the work.

How would (Sue) react, she’d say get off your tail and do something.

Team Rubicon wants to help. They said Brady qualifies for their home repair program.

However, they also said he needs to settle a home valuation issue with tax appraisers before work can begin. A homestead exemption filing should work, they said.