LA PORTE, Texas - Good things are happening for a La Porte Army veteran family still living in their driveway more than a year after Harvey flooded their home.

The Fief family was featured as one of KHOU’s Forgotten Harvey families in the beginning of October, and since then, so many people have stepped up to help.

“It's been two weeks to the day, I believe, since we met,” Jessica Fief said to KHOU reporter Lauren Talarico on Tuesday, “and basically ever since, we've had tons of people calling us.”

On Tuesday, the Fief home was abuzz with the sounds of construction as several volunteers began putting up walls.

“For a long time, I've been hearing drills and hammering going on at all my neighbors’ houses, so now, it's nice to hear it here," she said.

Fief says five companies or organizations have reached out to her offering help, including Terry Robinson, owner of Construction & Design, Inc.

“I'm here because I saw your story and it touched my heart,” Robinson said. “Two Army veterans with two small children living in an RV, how can they be forgotten? They served our country. We have to help them.”

Fief says Robinson and her crew have stepped up and offered to help with logistics.

“I started making phone calls to all my teams that I work with on a regular basis, and I just started getting helping hands and labor donated and materials donated.”

“They are determined to help us,” Fief said, “and that is an amazing feeling. People started showing up and started getting to work and doing things and talking to me about layout.”

On Tuesday, crews started putting up drywall, measuring, laying out materials and coming up with a plan.

“It was amazing,” Fief said. "They (Rodney Kelly) looked at me and they said, ‘Just tell us your dream. Just tell us how you want this house to be.’”

Robinson says their goal is “to give them a little piece of hope that their home is going to be restored and they are going to be able to get their family back together in their home.”

Just two weeks ago, the Fief family reached out to KHOU because they felt hopeless and forgotten. On Tuesday, they were asked if they still feel that way.

“No. I can't say that I do feel forgotten anymore. I can't say that I do," Fief said.

There is still a long way to go before the family can move back in and more help and materials are needed.

If you can help this family, or any of our forgotten families, send an email to

You can donate to the Fiefs' GoFundMe account, which will be used to buy any necessary materials here.

So far, Robinson, Nick Blanch, Meghan Basile, Daniel Torres, Jesus Daniel Chavez, Juan Torres, Rodney Kelly and Dennis Davis, Tower plumbing, Saville Electric and Habitat for Humanity have all offered either their labor or materials to the Fief family.