HOUSTON - Hurricane Harvey barreled into Texas last year, and in one way or another forever changed 24 Texas counties, including Harris.

Three months after the storm, the EHF/KFF Survey found 56 percent of people impacted felt like was "almost back to normal."

Eleven months since the storm, that number jumped up to 70 percent. Good news, sure, but don't let that fool you.

Harvey left its mark. Nearly a quarter (23 percent) say their personal financial situation is worse after Harvey.

But the hurricane's impact was a lot more than money. Sixteen percent say they've developed a new worsening health condition, but even more people (31 percent) say it's their mental health that suffered with conditions like depression, stress and insomnia topping the list.

Six percent of people reported an increased use of alcohol in the year since Harvey.

Seventeen percent of people impacted say their overall quality of life is worse because of the storm. One year after this deadly and historic storm, 40 percent of our neighbors still feel they're not getting the help they need to fully recover. That number hasn't changed since storm survivors were surveyed three months after Harvey.

Click here for the full study: http://bit.ly/Harvey_Anniversary