GALVESTON, Texas — Home, condo and business owners told KHOU 11 News it feels too soon to do much except wait and see if a disturbance actually develops in the Gulf of Mexico.

Forecasts gave "Invest 92L" an 80% chance to develop with more than a few potential storm tracks.

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Walter Meyer’s lived in Galveston 40 years. He saw Hurricanes Alicia and Harvey and every storm in between.  

His home and those of neighbors have boarded shutters mounted above windows and doors. 

However, before making any moves, they need questions answered, Meyer said.

“What is the size of the storm,” he asked.  “How far away is it?  Is it going to be a big one or do we need to drive north? One time, I don’t remember what the name of the storm was but the mayor waited so long to tell people to leave that we couldn’t get across the causeway (because) the winds were so high. So we rode that one out. 

“I’m thinking at some point I have to make up my mind: do I board up and stay?  Or do I board up and leave?  Right now, I’m pretty relaxed.  Three or four days from now you might see a different person.”