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Baseball themed forecast: strong storms Monday will lead to homerun weather mid week

Strong storms could make for messy morning commute Monday
Credit: KHOU

HOUSTON — Mother Nature is about to throw us a series of curve balls that will lead to one-two-three strikes of lightning as strong storms rumble through Monday morning and again on Friday morning. Therefore if you can, stay at home [plate] until it passes.

After looking at the weather around the world, I see a series of fronts that are going to knock our weather out-of-the-park.

So while we saw a few base hits this weekend with decent weather, we still managed to top 90 degrees at IAH -- which meant that the Altuve's (temperatures) were as hot as the bats at the Juice Box in the first and ninth innings of game 6 of the ALCS.

However the hot Altuve's will soon face elimination as the first of two cold fronts blow through the area -- the first front being peanuts compared to the second that could usher in the coldest temperatures so far this season!

What to Expect:

Front #1

In short: foul weather. The front will arrive in Houston just in time for the morning commute and bring with it brief heavy rain, lightning and thunder.

Credit: KHOU

While there is a possibility of some isolated severe weather, the chance of that according to the Storm Prediction Center is marginal.

The rain will blow through faster than a ball thrown by Gerrit Cole. In fact, by noon, we could already be seeing sunshine break out -- especially in the northern counties.

Timing of Front #1

Credit: KHOU
Credit: KHOU
Credit: KHOU

The front will enter from the northwest and push through College Station around 5:30 a.m. Monday, Livingston, The Woodlands, Tomball and Katy by 7 a.m., Liberty, Downtown, Sugar Land by 7:30 a.m. and Freeport, Galveston and Winnie by 9 a.m.

By lunch time, many of us should see the clouds disappear faster than a home run ball hit by Gurriel. 

"It could be...it might be...it is! A Home Run!" Thank you Harry Caray.

While most of us will have to worry about our 'do' getting matted down with water Monday morning, the great news here for Jose Altuve being 5 foot 6 inches tall is not only does the world think you're cute but he'll also be the last to get rained on. 

It's the least I could do, Mr. Altuve. You can thank me later with some World Series tickets.

Behind it, expect cooler Altuve's to filter in with overnight lows expected in the 50s Tuesday and Wednesday mornings with highs in the mid to upper 70s with crystal clear skies.

What to Expect:

Front #2

The beautiful weather behind front number one will be a 'short stop' before the gross, muggy, warmer conditions move back in ahead of the next developing storm system. That brings us to our next front.

The second front due in on Thursday evening or Friday morning is going to be a dinger -- a Springer Dinger -- if you will. It will likely be the strongest of season so far and bring with it our first widespread bout of 40s by Saturday and Sunday morning's. 

Like the first front, expect showers and thunderstorms to erupt ahead of the main front before clearing out first thing Friday.

Temperatures will likely start off in the 70s around midnight Thursday into Friday and then cool to the 50s during the afternoon Friday before bottoming out in the mid to upper 40s Saturday around 7 a.m. and rebounding into the 60s during the afternoon both days of the weekend.

We'll have more info on the second front as it gets closer.


Still a long ways out but it's currently looking dry with temperatures in the low 70s for Trick-orTreating between 6pm and 9pm. Will have more details on this next week.

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