A few light to moderate early showers this Monday morning but a whole lot of clouds. The atmosphere will stay saturated throughout the morning and as we head in to our midday and afternoon the chance for heavy downpours and thunderstorms will become more widely scattered. So even if it isn't currently raining you want to grab that umbrella this morning.

High water spots and easily ponding will be the biggest threat this Monday but even a few water spouts ot funnel clouds are not out of the question!

The nice thing about the rain- it helps to keep our temperatures down. I mean the past several days our high temperatures have been in the 80s. That is extremely nice for July~ well... once the rain chances drop the heat will return.


Check it out- by the end of the week- mid 90s' return with only a 20% rain chance.

Keep your guard up today and stay weather ready as heavy downpours are in the forecast this Monday.