We’re still a couple of months away from the holidays. but booking your travel should start now, according to AAA. 

September 25 marks the beginning of the season to get the best deal on plane tickets.

The ideal time to book for Thanksgiving and Christmas is between September 25th and October 27th.


The best day to fly is November 25, the Monday before Thanksgiving or on Thanksgiving Day. The average ticket price is from $454-$486. If you’re more concerned about crowds, you should fly the Sunday before Thanksgiving.


According to AAA, the best day to travel is Christmas Eve. The average price for airfare is $527. It’s also the lightest travel day of the holiday week. You can also find good deals on Christmas Day and December 23rd. The average price is $603.

AAA suggests researching travel options now and booking flights by October 27. They also recommend purchasing travel insurance and consulting with a knowledgeable travel agent.