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Tips on how to avoid congestion on the road for Thanksgiving holiday

AAA says a dip in gas prices may lead to some last-minute road trips.

HOUSTON, Texas — A dip in gas prices may prompt some last-minute trips. But for most, hitting the road for Thanksgiving is an annual tradition, no matter the cost.

"We’re going from Houston, Texas to Fairhope, Alabama,” said traveler Irvin Blanco.

"We’re going to San Marcos, Texas and we’re coming from Beaumont, Texas,” said traveler Kenzie Mayo.

"We live just outside Baton Rouge, Louisiana and we are headed to San Antonio, Texas,” said traveler Brenda Faz Creasie.

Creasie was traveling with her husband, two children and two dogs.

They stopped at the Buc-ee's In Baytown which was very busy Wednesday. 

"We do this drive every single year," said Creasie. "Normally we run into a pretty good amount of traffic by now and it has been surprisingly smooth up until this point. Fingers crossed.”

According to AAA, more than three million Texans will drive 50 miles or more during the Thanksgiving period with Wednesday and Sunday being the busiest and most bothersome.

That's especially true in typical trouble spots.

"So, to avoid the traffic, consider leaving during those off-peak times," said AAA Texas spokesman Joshua Zuber. "Really in the morning.”

And make sure your wipers, headlights and tires are in proper condition considering wet roads may be in the forecast for many.

"And then, of course, if you are driving in the wet weather, you want to slow down." said Zuber. "Give yourself plenty of space between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you.”

Traveling with two small kids means Blanco and his family are never in too big of a hurry in order to keep the holiday happy.

"Get there later rather than sooner in a safe manner,” said Irvin.

AAA, TxDOT and others are also urging you not to drink and drive. And texting and driving can be just as dangerous. Use a hands-free option if possible.

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