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How to approach the busy spring break air travel season

The TSA says travel numbers are almost similar to pre-pandemic travels. Airlines are ready to meet demands, but you should be ready to address any issues.

HOUSTON — If you're traveling for spring break, be prepared to have company. 

The TSA says close to two million people are passing through their checkpoints every day.  

"We're going to see a lot of folks passing through TSA checkpoints. And planes are going to be full, said Willis Orlando, senior flight expert at Scott's Cheap Flights.

"They're already as full as they were pre-pandemic for domestic routes. So expect to be having someone right next to you when you're on that plane." 

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More passengers mean more demands, but Orlando says airports, airlines and the TSA are ready.

"That's because demand has been kind of gradually ramping back up this time around and airlines are more prepared, if they've kind of learned the tough lessons of staffing that they've really struggled with before," he said.

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If you do run in to trouble, Orlando says make sure you know your rights. 

If your flight is significantly delayed or canceled and you don't end up traveling, you are owed a full refund. 

Also, if you need answers, try more than one way to reach out. That means calling the airline even if you are in line to talk to an agent. See if your carrier has a text message option. And don't forget about reaching out on social media. 

"All the airlines have designated social media staffers who generally are not dealing with as many issues as the folks in customer service centers, so they can sometimes prioritize your issue and get you to the front of the line," said Orlando. 

But no matter how you reach someone, remember to keep it polite and professional.

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