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‘Respectful’ clothes required | Carnival Cruise Line adds new dress code

There could be trouble at sea with the broad new policy that some call a "slippery slope."

HOUSTON — If you’re planning a cruise on Carnival, you should check out their new dress code before you pack.

The popular cruise line is now banning clothing that other guests might find “offensive.”

You can find the information on Carnival’s website. 

“All guests are expected to ensure their clothing and accessories are respectful to fellow guests,” the post reads. “Specifically, items worn during the cruise should not contain any message that may be considered offensive or contain nudity, profanity, sexual innuendo/suggestions. In addition, clothing/accessories should not promote negative ethnic or racial, commentary, or hatred or violence in any form.”

In a poll on one of Carnival’s Facebook pages, 97-percent of cruisers agreed with the crackdown. But in the comment section, the dress code got mixed reviews. 

One angry woman threatened to wear “disgusting and lurid” shirts on her cruise. The comment was later deleted.

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Others called the broad policy a “slippery slope.”

“I don’t agree with this at all,” Jake Fenley posted. “The first sentence says anything that people find offensive. Well some people find everything offensive.”

“I agree but who is going to enforce the policy?” Sue Frey asked. “Surely not the person that “enforced” a policy when a lady walking in to the dining room for dinner wearing a sheer cover over a thong.”

It’s not clear who’s going to be stuck enforcing the new dress code. 

Here’s more from Carnival's website on what clothing is recommended for cruises:

What to Wear - Daytime Attire

Casual attire is the order of the day. We suggest the following:

Shorts and capris

Tee shirts, polo shirts, blouses and tops (short sleeved or sleeveless)

Khakis and jeans

Summer dresses

Light-weight sweater or jacket

Work-out gear

Bathing suits and cover up

For cooler weather, clothing that can be layered, scarves and gloves. If visiting religious sites in Europe, ladies must cover their knees and shoulders

Hat or visor

Comfortable shoes, sneakers, sandals and flip-flops. We suggest rubber-soled, low heeled or flat shoes. Select activities/shore excursions may require closed-toe shoes. The use of any footwear with wheels is prohibited on board our ships

The Lido Restaurant is open daily for breakfast and lunch and has a more relaxed dress code than the main dining room(s); however, shirts, bathing suit cover ups and footwear (including flip-flops) must be worn at all times. 

What to Wear - Evening Attire

Following is the dress code in the main dining room(s) for both men, women and children:

“Cruise Casual” Dress Code

Men: sports slacks, khakis, jeans, long dress shorts and collared polo shirts

Women: summer dresses, casual skirts, pants, capris, dress shorts, jeans blouses and tops

Not permitted: cut-off jeans, men’s sleeveless shirts, tee-shirts, gym or basketball shorts, baseball hats, flip-flops and bathing suit attire

Be sure to bring a red or blue outfit or a top for our Mega Deck Party.

“Cruise Elegant” Dress Code (formal evenings)

2-day to 5-day cruise: one “Cruise Elegant” evening

6-day or longer cruise: two “Cruise Elegant” evenings

The first “Cruise Elegant” evening is scheduled for the second or third evening of the cruise and the second “Cruise Elegant” evening is the second or third evening prior to the end of the cruise, itinerary schedule permitting.

Men: dress slacks, dress shirts, and we also suggest a sport coat; men may also wish to wear a suit and tie or tuxedo

Women: cocktail dresses, pantsuits, elegant skirts and blouses; ladies may also wish to wear an evening gown

Not permitted: jeans, men’s sleeveless shirts, shorts, tee-shirts, sportswear, shorts, baseball hats, flip-flops and bathing suit attire

The Steakhouse: The dress requirements for the Steakhouse follows the dress code specified for the main dining room(s); if the evening is specified as “Cruise Casual,” shorts are not permitted.

Holidays/Events, Carnival Journeys

Carnival knows how to celebrate! Feel free to bring a special outfit for our December “Ugly Sweater Contest,” “Frightfully Fun” Halloween cruises or to show your team spirit when there are big sporting events.

Carnival Journeys cruises feature Throwback Sea Day, in which we go back in time to relive the ‘80s so dig out those outrageous outfits! On cruises six days and longer, you can channel the ‘80s vibe in our ‘80s Rock-N-Glow Deck Party.


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