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Trouble on Houston roads: Houston TranStar works to make your commute easier

Whether you're new to Houston or you're a life-long resident, you've probably been stuck behind slow movers or a major crash during your commute.

HOUSTON — Getting around Houston and Southeast Texas can sometimes cause added stress to your busy day. While KHOU 11 News traffic experts can help you navigate the trouble spots, there's a government agency that's working to keep you safe while reducing the stress on our roadways.

Houston TranStar is a partnership between the City of Houston, Harris County, Houston METRO, and the Texas Department of Transportation. It works to manage the region's massive transportation network.

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You've probably seen video feeds from the network of traffic cameras with the iconic TranStar logo in the corner, but did you know the agency is more than a freeway camera system?

TranStar was created in 1993 and works with multiple entities to keep roadways clear, cars and trucks moving, and even helps navigate passenger rail to get you to where you need to go on time and safe.

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The agency uses an automated flood warning system, radar imagery, and other data to make fast decisions on how to get people out of harm's way.

While the experts at TranStar provide the data and advisories of what's happening on Houston's roads, KHOU 11 News traffic experts like Jennifer Reyna are here to help you know where to go and when to make the trip when your regular routes are impacted.

Check out our interactive traffic map to see this and other trouble spots across the Houston area:

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