HOUSTON - The only color that could compete with the sea of orange in downtown Houston on Friday was the sea of red that followed.

It was brake light after brake light that left intersections blocked and people annoyed. However, with 750,000 Astros fans in one place it’s what everyone expected.

And it's the price Ernestina Martinez and her family were willing to pay to welcome home the World Series champions.

“Oh it was awesome to see the players,” said Martinez.

What she’s not willing to pay for was the condition she found her SUV in.

“Came back after the parade and noticed our windshield has been cracked and the top of our vehicle had been dented completely in!” she said.

Cell phone video shows complete strangers dancing and jumping on their SUV causing hundreds if not thousands of dollars in damages.

It’s the same story for Amos Jaramillo.

“I've got my roof caved in, windows knocked in, a dent on my hood,” said Jaramillo.

A picture taken by an onlooker shows that even after Jaramillo’s windshield was busted, the girls on top still posed for pictures on his roof.

“I'm very frustrated because we are literally right next to HPD,” said Martinez.

One of the girls was arrested and charged with criminal mischief but all the other people got away leaving these families holding the bill when all they wanted to do was root for the home team.

“We came out to have fun but there always has to be some small people that ruin it for everybody,” said Martinez.