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'Humerus' post by Harris County constable will tickle your funny bone

No bones about it! A bonehead who tried to pull a fast one by sneaking onto the Katy HOV lanes with a bony passenger, was caught in the fib-ula by Pct. 5 deputies.
Credit: Precinct 5 constable
Precinct 5 Constable deputies pulled over a driver with a skeleton for a passenger in the Katy HOV lanes on Sept. 29.

HOUSTON — From blow-up dolls to mannequins, law enforcement officers have seen it all when it comes to HOV lane cheaters.

When Precinct 5 deputies spotted a bonehead driving with a bony passenger in a ballcap on the Katy HOV lanes Wednesday, "they had a feeling in their bones that something wasn't right." 

The skeleton crew could see right through the phony-ba-bony passenger and knew they had a bad-to-the-bone driver trying to pull their leg-bone.

Tibia honest, they are bone-tired of seeing numskulls trying to get under their skin by pulling a fast one in the fast lanes. 

The driver caught in the fib-ula was pulled over and given a "bone-afide citation," Constable Ted Heap's Office posted on Facebook. "After a stern-um lecture, deputies wished him bone voyage!"

No bones about it, the humerus post ticked our funny bones so we wanted to share it with you.

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Posted by Ted Heap, Harris County Constable Precinct 5 on Wednesday, September 29, 2021