HOUSTON – They say cash is king unless you're driving the Hardy Toll Road.

On Monday morning, the road is now EZ Tag only.

It's hard to be confused, because of the signage and the fact that the toll plazas were pulled up over the weekend.

However, if you do jump on and don't have a tag, jump off as quickly as you can if you want to get one toll fee waived.

Another reason you're going to want a toll tag is because the Hardy Toll Road now connects to the Grand Parkway.

The commute is supposed to get better and safer, especially for folks in the suburbs.

Harris County's Toll Road Authority says more cars are using Hardy, and because of the cash option, traffic was bottle-necking ahead of toll plazas.

The county did research and found that up to 90-percent of users already had a toll tag, so they decided to remove the cash option.

But so many drivers will be impacted.

“Yeah. I think it's an issue for people who are coming from out-of-town because they're not aware of EZ Tag,” Gregory Saulter a toll driver, said. “And if they end up on the toll way, and they're not quite sure how it works, then yeah it causes an issue.”

The good news is all Texas Toll Tag options work on all Texas tolls. However, the cost to buy in and the penalties vary for toll road violators.

For instance, the state's TX Tag option is allowed by law to publicly list the biggest toll road violators.

Quick tip — if you don't do this already, you can adjust your GPS, even on your phone, to avoid toll road.