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WATCH: Flying tire smashes front of pickup truck on Highway 90

How would you react if you saw an airborne tire flying toward your vehicle in busy traffic?

HOUSTON — A Houstonian with a dash camera captured a very scary moment on video last Friday as a loose tire went airborne and crushed the front end of a pickup truck.

"Oh ****," the driver said during the incident.

YouTuber 'Bhoyohbhoy' said the incident happened on South Main near Hillcroft. He was traveling in the southbound lanes when a vehicle in the opposing lanes of traffic lost the tire.

The tire rolled into the middle barrier and went airborne before smashing down on a pickup truck. Another driver in an SUV swerved and nearly lost control.

It happened at about 3 p.m., he told KHOU 11.

The gray GMC pickup that was hit immediately came to a stop. The video showed the windshield and roof of the truck were heavily damaged.

Witnesses said the GMC had only the driver inside, a man. He suffered minor injuries.

The victim’s son told KHOU 11 News he’s glad the tire didn’t penetrate the windshield, which could have seriously injured his father.

Houston police said a collision on the opposite side of South Main caused the tire to fly off, bounce over the divider, and crash into the truck.

"That’s why we ask folks when they’re traveling, expect the unexpected," TxDOT spokesman Danny Perez said.

The driver who lost the tire stopped on the other side of the road to provide assistance. It's believed the tire came from a trailer that was hauling a wood chipper.

It's not the first time we’ve covered a flying tire.

One ended up killing a driver along the Pierce Elevated two years ago.

In that case, police say a tire flew off a damaged axle.

Meanwhile, another car’s windshield was shattered earlier this year along the North Freeway by a loose tire.

It damaged a number of vehicles during rush hour.

We’ve also seen lots of videos related to unsecured loads, like giant spools rolling along the freeway after falling off a semi.

And, just last week, we showed you a video of a trailer coming unhinged along the South Freeway.

It barely missed vehicles directly behind it.

"Even if it’s some lumber, some loose tree limbs in the back of your vehicle," Perez said. "You hit a bump or something, that’s going to fly off the road and can cause a crash. That can cause some damage for somebody that’s traveling.”

Those kinds of accidents are more easily preventable by making sure any load is properly secured whenever you’re out on the road.

But others, like the one along South Main, come out of nowhere and require quick-thinking if you spot the hazard in time.

"When you’re traveling, stay focused on the road and pay attention and stay off your devices," Perez said. "It’s really important.”


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