SAN ANTONIO - AAA Texas said it is encouraging drivers to be safe over the Fourth of July holiday and plan ahead for a ride. While drivers can take advantage of ride-share options, cabs and designated drivers, the Tipsy Tow service is also expected to prevent drinking and driving.

It will be available from 6 p.m. on July 4 to 6 a.m. on July 5.

AAA Texas said you can use the service anywhere in the state.

Drivers, bartenders, restaurant managers, party hosts or passengers of a drinking driver can call 1-800-222-4357 or 1-800-AAA-HELP for a free tow home of up to 10 miles. For rides more than 10 miles, AAA said drivers will be required to pay the rate charged by the tow truck contractor.

You can also request to be towed to a hotel where you are a registered guest. You don't have to be a member to take advantage of this one-time service.

"We will not be towing people to another drinking establishment or to a party," AAA Texas spokesperson Joshua Zuber said.

DUI-related crashes increased more than 11 percent in Texas from 2015-2016. In 2016, Zuber said the state saw more than 24,000 DUI crashes that resulted in about 1,000 fatalities.