Motherhood can be challenge, but making friends in the parenting world shouldn’t be. That’s why a new app called "Peanut" is taking out the grunt work by introducing mamas online, helping them find the "peanut" to their "jelly."

"We jokingly called it mom tinder,” said new mother Erica Nelson.

She has a 15-month-old girl named Harper, and has just been introduced to the world of changing diapers and play dates.

"[Motherhood is] exciting, fun, exhausting, crazy, sometimes overwhelming," she said.

Nelson said when she started her family, her social circle changed.

"None of my other friends from college were having kids or settled down or ready for that yet," Nelson said.

And the search to bond with like-minded moms has its obstacles as well. Take it from 25-year-old Amanda Jordan who the mother of 15-month-old Sammie.

"It's worse than dating, it’s so awkward to go up to somebody and say, 'Hi, I see you also have a small person, like me too. And, like you wanna be friends?!” she said.

It’s the reason the two decided to join Peanut, in an attempt to build a stronger network for their little ones and themselves.

“I signed up for the app as soon as it was available, and ended up meeting the girl I now call my best friend,” Nelson added.

In just a few steps, she and Jordan hit it off quickly.

Users create a profile, give a general location and spill a little bit about their kiddo. Then, access to meet up with nearby moms are at your fingertips, all based on similar interests.

For example, if you’re into dancing, you can tap, "Dancing Queen," or if books are your go-to, tap "Bookworm."

"Wine time! I put I like outdoors -- was crafty the other thing? Yeah, crafty!” Nelson said. "We can text or call and meet up back and forth and say, 'Hey she's having a rough morning, let’s get out of the house.' And it's nice to have someone to do that with."

The goal is to create connections -- to make it easier for women to feel their road to motherhood isn’t being walked alone.

"You can ask questions, answer each other's questions. (It's a) great way to meet other people,” Nelson said.

Peanut is a free app for iPhone and Android users, made exclusively for mothers at this time. Sorry, dads.