GreenPal is a new app and website that creates a digital battle to get your grass cut, trimmed, and raked in just minutes. You can get competitive prices with no hassles and book lawn care without having to call around.

Local landscaper Bradley Ford owns the business Ford Landscaping and joined GreenPal to grow his customer base. He says that it grew fast because it created a whole new way to attract new customers.

“I’ve only been with GreenPal three months now,” Ford said. “Last week, I got 10 new clients. It’s on fire right now.”

He shares a small percentage of the consumer’s payment with GreenPal but says that it’s worth it considering all the new business he’s getting.

The app can also help customers get the best prices for the job because of the competition it creates in bidding for the work.

The company screens their landscape vendors and auditions them for quality. That way, instead of hours of searching, customers get a competitive bid in minutes.

No credit card is necessary to get a free bid.

“The client logs on GreenPal and they put in information. Some people want a one-time cut, some bi-weekly,” Ford said.” If they want more done, we filter it through GreenPal.”

The app launched in 2012 after seeing how well other apps were doing in providing services to customers that needed it.

“2012 was about the time Uber and Lyft were gaining traction, so we thought, ‘Hey, if someone is going to summon a stranger, they would certainly hire a landscape company from the internet,’” said GreenPal CEO Bryan Claton. “San Antonio has been great. We launched in Houston over the summer and then had an overwhelming number of San Antonio-area signups. We knew it would be a market we’d do well in.”

And their vendors come from a wide range of backgrounds.

“They guy that’s in college paying his way all the way to multimillion-dollar corporations that have 15, 16 crews,” Claton said. “Our sweet spot for vendors is a guy with 30 lawns that wants to get 60.”

But occasionally, the app gets pretty off-the-wall requests.

“We’ve had a couple of farms that were 20, 30 acres,” Claton said.

At the end of the day, Ford says that he’s increasing his earning potential and his staff.

“Great great for small business,” he said. “I have three crews. I plan to double that next year.”