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Santa Fe Shooting: Condolences, prayers and other reactions from social media

Thoughts and prayers...stricter gun laws...mental health awareness... sadly, social media is buzzing again with the same sentiments we've seen before as news of the latest school shooting unfolds.

As another school shooting left more American children dead Friday morning, the tragic news quickly spread on social media:


WATCH LIVE: At least 8 killed in shooting at Santa Fe High School

Santa Fe HS student: 'People were crying and screaming everywhere'

'Everybody yelling 'run, go, as fast as you can' | Santa Fe student describes shooting

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Social media reacts to Santa Fe HS shooting


Sheriff gives update on situation following Santa Fe High School shooting

'Just living, stressing, trying to get away': Santa Fe students reflect after active shooter opens fire

Santa Fe Shooting: 'Everybody yelling 'run, go, as fast as you can'

Student describes hectic scene after Santa Fe High School shooting

SANTA FE SHOOTING: Mom - 'You don't know what will happen'


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