HOUSTON — The 50th anniversary of the lunar landing is such a big deal, everyone is looking to make their own personal connection.

On KHOU 11’s Facebook page, people are posting comment after comment about family who worked at NASA or were a NASA contractor.

A lot of you are now on the hunt for picture proof.

At www.Images.NASA.gov, you can dig up photos from the past.

NASA image curators in Washington D.C. say the anniversary of Apollo 11 sure is motivating people to track down old photos of their family or friends who worked there.

Bad news: you may not have luck searching a specific name. NASA doesn’t have a way to identify every face in every photo.

But if you try Buzz Aldrin, well, you’ll be fine.

Also good search terms: Houston, mission control, lunar landing, or try a specific mission or job title. You can click through still photos, videos and audio recordings.

NASA said most of the stuff isn’t copyrighted, and the downloads are free.


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