We’ve watched television the same way for years. We’ve turned the dial or clicked on our remotes to watch our favorite shows.

But as technology has evolved, so have our televisions.

Record numbers are dropping their cable packages and streaming online, but there’s still a fear about cutting the cord — as in, the cable cord.

Zach Goldstein and Amanda Laviage are ready to take the plunge — to get married, that is; not to give up their cable.

“We’ve thought about cutting the cord,” Laviage said.

“My main concern is live sports if we get rid of our cable package,” Goldstein said. “I’m a big Astros and Rockets fan.”

Chris Brantner of Cut Cable Today, which helps people “cut the cord,” said if you want to see all the Rockets or Astros games, there’s not a great option right now.

“There are a number of moving pieces when cutting the cord because you need a streaming device, then you need to register for whatever subscriptions you want,” Brantner said.

Brantner said you will save money in the end, but be careful. With enough add-ons like HBO Now and Netflix, your bill can creep up as high as it was before. Plus, with all this streaming content, you might need to re-examine your Internet package to the “wheel of death.”

“There are a number of people that know what they want and they don’t want a giant, bloated cable bundle,” Brantner said. “They want these 10 or 15 channels."

Goldstein and Laviage are sticking with each other, and for now, their cable.

Rumor has it the Rockets and Astros will be coming to a streaming service soon.