Imagine what it would be like to fly over traffic jams. It might not be such a far-fetched idea now that Uber and NASA are teaming up to create an air-traffic control type system to manage the flying cars.

Uber likes to call them "unmanned aerial systems," or UAS.

"With vertical takeoff and landing vehicles from one skyport to the next, we're really dramatically trying to reduce the time people take to get from one place to the other," said Tom Prevot, director of engineering at Uber Elevate. "We definitely want to relieve congestion. We want to give people time back rather than taking an hour for commuting."

Uber on Wednesday shared a virtual video of what the ride would look like while they announced the NASA partnership.

"We want to get cars off the street, too," Prevot said. "I think this one is very reasonable and feasible."

Uber said it is trying to do test flights in 2020 in cities like Los Angeles, Dubai and Dallas. They're hopeful commercial flights might start a few years after that.