HOUSTON - She plays in high definition. He played during the Reagan administration.

Meet Jana Thomas-Reid, the youngest child of former Houston Rocket Robert Reid and a senior at Aldine’s Davis High School.

Is it hard having the last name Reid? “It kinda is; there’s a lot of pressure,” admits Thomas-Reid. “I have college coaches calling me, ‘You’re Robert Reid’s daughter, right?’ I am like, ‘I sure am.’

“She has a hunger,” said Robert Reid. She's also full of passion, mentions Reid.

At 6’3", Thomas-Reid is full of promise, according to her head coach at Davis, Monique Everett.

"Jana has really come into her own,” Everett said. “She’s worked hard to not be labeled Robert Reid’s daughter. She’s made a name for herself as just Jana Thomas-Reid.”

What kind of basketball dad is he?

“He..he switches up some times,” says Jana with a laugh. “Sometimes he’ll just be the basketball dad who’s quiet and watching the game.” And other times, not so much.

But Reid says he knows his role. “When she walks onto the floor, I just do this (taps his chest). Which means, ‘Don’t look at me. Listen to what Coach (has) to say'.”

Still, having a father who competed with and against the best players in the world, Jana knows she’s incredibly fortunate.

“He’s taught me everything I know about basketball and life,” said Jana.